Meet The Team

Educator Team

Dr Avril Danczak

GP and Medical Educator

Avril is a highly experienced GP trainer, appraiser, and GP tutor. With a passion for medical education, Avril has dedicated her career to helping GPs in training reach their full potential.   

A true expert in her field, Avril has honed her skills over the years through her work as a veteran tutor in consultation skills Masterclasses in the North West. Her expertise has also led her to publish two books, “Mapping Uncertainty in Medicine; what do you do when you don’t know what to do?” and “ENGAGE ENERGISE ENRICH EVALUATE: A practical guide to medical education,” the latter of which is available here.

With her wealth of experience and dedication to medical education, Avril is an invaluable member of our team and an asset to anyone seeking to further their career in general practice.

Dr Mohan Kumar

GP and Medical Educator

Mohan a GP from Wigan and Associate Dean of Primary Care at Health Education England, brings his vast experience and expertise to the dynamic TALC Team. 

As a trainer, appraiser, and facilitator of the Consultation Skills Masterclass, Mohan’s insights are invaluable. 

He has also contributed to the team through designing infographics and participating in podcasts. Mohan’s extensive publications and blogs cover topics like resilience, teaching, and cultural competence. 

His profound contributions make him a valuable member of the team, dedicated to advancing medical education.

Dr Anne Thomas

GP and Medical Educator

Anne is a highly respected GP and Primary Care Medical Educator based in Manchester. With years of experience as a course organiser for the South and Central Manchester GP trainee scheme, Anne brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the TALC team. Her contribution to the development of a consultation skills training course as part of the GPST educational programme has been crucial.

Anne’s experience in medical education motivated her to create a resource that would complement consultation skills training and provide additional support to learners. She has worked closely with Avril and other team members to write several chapters of the resource and contribute to various podcasts.

Anne’s keen eye for detail, exceptional communication skills, and strong commitment to supporting learners have played a vital role in the project’s success. Her passion for medical education and dedication to helping others reach their full potential make her a valuable member of the team.

Dr Julian Tomkinson

GP and Medical Educator

Julian is a highly experienced General Practitioner. He currently works as a GP in Greater Manchester. Julian is a Primary Care Medical Educator in South and Central Manchester, where he has gained invaluable experience in training and developing the next generation of medical professionals. 

During his time in this role, he also served as a Training Programme Director, further enhancing his skills in medical education.

Julian has a passion for all aspects of GP teaching, and he particularly enjoys helping trainees develop their consultation skills and communication techniques. His commitment to education has led him to become an invaluable member of the team, and his vast knowledge and expertise have been instrumental in the success of the project.

Rob Chambers

Language and Communications Advisor

Rob is an English language consultant, English as a foreign language teacher and trainer. He currently leads the communication and language development of a large international company, as well as supporting the communication training of IMGs, LEDs and IMTs. He has been central to the creation of the website “Healthy English” which is designed to support trainers and trainees working as, and with, IMGs coming to work for the NHS.  

Not only does the site examine language skills, challenges and techniques, it also focuses on the cultural differences which affect the use of language and building of relationships. He participates in training programmes for Health Education England, North West, and has volunteer roles at Leighton Hospital, Crewe, and Macclesfield Hospital, Cheshire. In addition, he has volunteered as a technical support outreach worker, reader and presenter for the Royal National Institute for the Blind. He also teaches a weekly yoga class online and, monthly, in person.

Prior to all this, he was an English teacher (and Head of Department) in high schools in Cheshire and Staffordshire. He has taught English in Italy and Austria (as part of the Comenius Project), Taiwan, China, Japan, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, and the USA.

Development Team

Liam Jennion

Project Manager

Liam began supporting this project as part of his role at the Greater Manchester Training Hub, digitilising the resources and enabling access. Liam was asked to provide further management and development of this new website and coordinate meetings and events. Liam has experience with working with an array of professionals and has a track record of turning concepts into realities. As an Education Manager in a GP and an Education Coordinator at PCN, Liam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. 

Jamie Holden

Development Consultant

As a development consultant, Jamie played an instrumental role in supporting the project manager in the website development of this project. With expertise in graphic design, social media, marketing and website development, Jamie leveraged their knowledge and experience to ensure the website met the project requirements and was modern and user-friendly. Their dedication to the project and collaborative approach were key factors in its success. 

Nelson Vieira de Carvalho


Nelson is a seasoned Motion Designer with a strong artistic background and a passion for creating captivating animations and visual effects.
With a BA in Interactive Interfaces Design and over 10 years of experience in the industry, Nelson has established a solid reputation for delivering purposeful and engaging work across various platforms.

Beyond their professional pursuits, Nelson draws inspiration from their strong artistic background and wide knowledge of art, filmmaking, music, and photography.

Dario Saporito

Graphic Designer