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The home of TALC (Teaching and Learning Consultation Skills) and Healthy English. 

Teaching and Learning Consultation Skills covers all aspects of the consultation.

The resources can be used independently by anyone who wants to learn, refine or improve their consultation skills. There are tried and tested methods to improve skills, as well as educational methods to support educators.

Healthy English has been developed to help everyone who works with patients become a better user of English.

It addresses the language and communication needs of international health and care staff, their trainers and colleagues working in the UK.

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We believe that consultation skills are a valuable asset for all healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, advanced practitioners, allied health professionals, support staff, and administrators. Mapped to the Calgary Cambridge Consultation Model,
effective consultation skills can help you build strong relationships with patients and colleagues, facilitate effective communication, and improve patient outcomes. By developing your consultation skills, you can become more confident in your interactions with patients, better understand their needs and concerns, and provide more effective care. Additionally, consultation skills can help you navigate challenging situations and conflicts with colleagues, improving your ability to work collaboratively and deliver high-quality care. Overall, we believe that developing your consultation skills can be an essential part of ongoing learning and professional development for healthcare professionals at all levels and across all roles.

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